Java is best equipped for full-fledged backend services, web sites, working with databases, and multithreaded applications. In our opinion, the best user interface is one that is simple to use, quick to grasp, and free of any unnecessary or excess elements. A powerful combination of Angular and REST API is used for front-end development.

Mobile Applications

Javascript/HTML5 and native applications for iOS and Android allow our customers to use applications from any currently available device. We strive to make the applications optimal in using devices resources and use the least amount of bandwidth. We adapt interfaces for both phones, phablets and handheld devices.

System Administration

Our administrators handle complex tasks such as cluster system deployment, load optimization, and high availability. They also keep all processes on the servers under full control. We prefer free software with open source code, OS - Ubuntu and Debian. DDOS attacks don’t scare us, and we know how to handle them.